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Medical Disagreement

Posted in Uncategorized on November 2, 2015

What if two doctors who have seen me, don’t agree on my treatment or my condition?

Usually, the reason that there are two doctors is because the insurance company has sent you for an IME. (Independent Medical Exam).  In those cases, the insurance company will do whatever their IME doctor said.  This is despite the fact that many of these IME appointments last around 10 minutes.  If your doctor says you still need treatment or believes you have a permanent injury and the insurance company is not providing that, that is when you need to request a hearing.  This will get a judge involved to determine which doctor is correct.  Requesting a hearing is no small matter.  You should call the Crossman Law Offices for advice before you request a hearing.  The wording you use may affect your case.  We offer free phone consultations and would be glad to help.  Our phone is: 602-248-0380.