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Sample Cases

Permanent Lost Wages

The Crossman Law Offices began representing Mr. B. back in 1980, after he was thrown from a dump truck, severely injuring his back. At that time, the insurance company had closed his case stating that he did not a have a permanent impairment even though his doctor said otherwise. The insurance company’s position was appealed and not only were we successful in getting Mr. B. a permanent impairment, he was also awarded monthly checks for his lost wages. He received monthly lost wages for 35 years, after which they gave him a lump sum to pay him for the remainder of his life expectancy.

– Client, Clinton B.

Case Wrongfully Closed

Mr. S. was hurt on the job and the injury required back surgery. The insurance company closed his case, without any surgery, and stopped sending him any money. The Crossman Law Offices was able to successfully litigate the matter and got the case reopened. Mr. S. began receiving further medical treatment and bi-weekly checks while he recovered.

– Client, Larry S.

Claim Denied

Ms. W. got hurt while working at a fast food restaurant. She hit and dislocated her knee, which required medical treatment. She also missed work because of the injury. The insurance company denied that she had an on-the-job injury. The Crossman Law Offices stepped in and got the videos from the restaurant showing that the accident had occurred on the employer’s premises, during the course and scope of our client’s work duties. After that, the parties settled out of court for a lump sum settlement.

– Client, Wendy W.