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Phoenix Workers’ Compensation Disability Benefits Lawyer

Disability Benefits

An important thing to understand about your workers’ compensation claim is that your disability benefits will fall into one of four categories based on whether your disability is temporary or permanent, and on whether you are able to work. These decisions are made in consultation with your doctor, and the challenge in many cases is to get your employer’s insurance company and the Industrial Commission of Arizona (ICA) to accept your doctor’s assessment.

We Focus On Workers’ Comp — And On Our Clients

Working with a qualified Phoenix workers compensation disability benefits lawyer can help you get all the benefits you need and deserve. Workers’ compensation is a complex process, and we do not recommend that workers represent themselves. Attorney Avery Crossman at Crossman Law Offices, P.C., in Phoenix is board-certified as a specialist, in workers’ compensation.  We only have Phoenix workers’ compensation attorneys working for us, and we believe our focus and dedication allow us to serve our clients better.

Temporary Disabilities

If you are unable to work at all, but you and your doctor believe you will recover from your injuries with treatment, then you have a temporary total disability. You will be compensated for your lost wages and the cost of medical treatment. If your doctor releases you to work, but only on “light duty” (because your regular job would aggravate your injury or interfere with treatment), then you now have a temporary partial disability. If your light-duty wages are less than your wages for your regular job, you can be compensated for some portion (usually two-thirds) of your lost earnings. If your status changes from total to partial, or if your doctor believes that you are now ready to return to regular work, you will receive a notice from the insurance company. To better understand your rights, you will need an experienced Phoenix worker’s compensation disability benefits attorney on your side.

Permanent Disabilities

Certain kinds of injuries — may prevent you from obtaining any gainful employment, which would be a permanent total disability, or may require you to work fewer hours or to choose a job with a lower wage, which is called a permanent partial disability.

Your compensation also depends on whether your injury is “scheduled” or “unscheduled.” According to the ICA, “If the permanent injury is to a certain part of the body, such as eye, hand, arm, foot or leg, the part of the body and the period allowed for compensation is set out in a schedule in the Workers’ Compensation Law.” Your compensation will be calculated as a percentage of your average monthly wage, and depends upon whether your disability is total or partial. In the case of unscheduled injuries, the ICA will determine how much compensation you will receive. As experienced Phoenix workers compensation disability benefits lawyers, we are known for the care and personal attention we give each of our clients in getting through these times of need.

Contact A Phoenix Workers Comp Disability Benefits Attorney

When you call us to discuss your case, you will always speak directly with one of our knowledgeable and experienced Phoenix workers compensation disability benefits lawyers — we don’t employ paralegals. Contact us for your free consultation, please call (602) 248-0380. At Crossman Law Offices, P.C., we work state-wide, so no matter where in Arizona you reside, you can get the legal help you need.