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Findings and Award for Unscheduled Permanent Partial Disability

Posted in Uncategorized on November 30, 2016

What does a Findings and Award for Unscheduled Permanent Partial Disability mean?  Other than being a summary of your work injury, this is a very important document.  Worker’s comp. may pay you if you  have permanent lost wages due to your injury.  This document is what the Industrial Commission has determined about your permanent lost wages.  You do not have to agree.

Request a Hearing

You can request a hearing.  It is very, very important to have an experienced worker’s compensation lawyer look at this on your behalf.  It is probable that the insurance company hired an expert who submitted  a recommendation to the Industrial Commission.  Did you have an expert on your side?  If you do nothing, this document become permanent and there is no way to try to fight it later.  Call us as soon as you get this (or before!) and you can run  it by an attorney who only practices workers comp.  It’s certainly worth a phone call.