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Chandler Independent Contractor Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you are an independent contractor, there are certain benefits you do not receive such as paid time off and health insurance. Workers’ compensation is another benefit that is only available to employees — as many contractors discover when they suffer from a work-related injury.

Consult a Chandler independent contractor workers’ compensation attorney to discuss your case. At Crossman Law Offices, P.C., we have extensive experience helping workers receive the benefits they need.

Why Choose A Chandler Independent Contractor Workers’ Compensation Lawyer From Crossman Law Office, P.C.

Choosing Crossman Law Office, P.C. means you are choosing attorneys whose experience matches their knowledge and skill level. Our attorney, Avery Crossman, is certified by the State Bar of Arizona as a specialist Phoenix workers’ compensation lawyer. It is not easy to become a specialist or expert in any given legal field. To do this, the attorney must display a thorough understanding of all laws in that area and show a profession, knowledge, and ethical practice has been established.

Avery has been practicing since 1994 alongside her father, Harlan, who has been practicing since 1969. The father-daughter team has a combined experience of over 65 years in the legal industry.

Whether you believe you have a case or not or if your claim has already been denied, it is a good idea to contact us. We have the experience and thorough understanding of workers’ compensation laws to handle complex cases, such as those involving independent contractors, and have successfully appealed claims that have already been denied.

Why You Need an Independent Contractor Workers’ Compensation Attorney

The only available means for an employee is workers’ compensation because they are unable to sue their employer. However, an independent contractor is not restricted to the same laws. It is possible that an independent contractor can go after the employer to receive compensation for a workplace injury.

However, in some cases, an employer may have a worker under the wrong classification. In these circumstances, an independent contractor may be entitled to workers’ compensation. Under specific workers’ compensation laws, they may classify you as an employee rather than an independent contractor.

Call Our Independent Contractor Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Today

Workers’ compensation laws and benefits do apply to some independent contractors. If you are an independent contractor and have sustained a workplace injury, you may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. An experienced attorney can help determine if you meet the requirements to file a workers’ compensation claim

Even if you do not meet all the requirements, there are still options available to you. The Chandler independent contractor workers’ compensation attorneys at the Crossman Law Offices, P.C. can go over all of your options.

As an independent contractor, it is imperative that you know your rights after an injury. Contact our attorneys today to get started on your case. We can help file a claim, assist with a denied claim, or find the best avenue to get you the compensation you deserve. To schedule a free consultation with one of our independent contractor workers’ compensation lawyers click here or call (602) 497-4359.